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Through my work I am constructing an unconventional visualization of kinship. A conceptualized approach to my growing, intimate, and unapologetic relationship to motherhood. The work plays as evidence of my internal narrative. It is an archive in the making. A visual manifestation of my obsessive relationship to the notion of - mother -. Using research as a way to understand the role of the maternal figure and form within both art and society. The making of images becomes a way to insert the mother where she has been historically excluded. I am using symbols or suggestions related to motherhood, culturally and archetypically, in order to challenge the known representations of the mother figure and reshape the narrative.

My work originates from deeply personal experiences showing undertones of sexuality and playing on questions of identity. Motherhood and sexuality are intertwined within the work; opening up a much concealed discourse on the relationship between the maternal figure and her sexual being. Approaching each work from a place of vulnerability, emphasized by the choice for self portraiture, fosters an atmosphere of intimacy within the images.

Recently I have turned toward a more fictional approach to this theme. Introducing an element of performance allows for an interaction of human behavior. Weaving together the surreal and the known. Using imagery as an outlet to conceive my own utopian motherhood, while simultaneously participating in a less binary view of the mothers role. Overall, my work is a vulnerable and personal tribute into my preoccupation with the theme: motherhood.

Warmly, Madeline

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